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Social Accountability




Rossonero adopts a strict policy of social accountability.

As a global distributor of jewelry goods manufactured to various countries,Rossonero management is committed to managing our operations in a way that complies with all relevant employment legislation. In order to support implementation of our values we will adopt the SA8000 guidance or managing social accountability throughout our operations.

Our Commitment:

Rossonero will continuously identify, assess, manage and improve the elements of our operation that impact social accountability.

We will:

* Conduct our business with fairness, honesty, integrity and respect for the interest of our shareholders, franchisee, and individual customers.

* Comply with the laws and regulations within the countries in which we operate.

* Prevent the use of child labor and forced labor, improve health and safety, support freedom of association, prevent discrimination, implement performance management and manage compensation and working hours.

* Implement a management system that establishes responsibilities, supporting policies, monitoring methods and a review process of our performance.

* Provide awareness training on social accountability and where required job specific training for employees.

* Encourage suppliers and contractors to support our principles and commitment on social accountability and introduce programs aimed at supporting these principles.


Policy Control and Review:

Copies of this policy will be displayed at all Rossonero Branches around the globe, communicated to every employee and be available to all other interested parties. Policy changes will be approved by the Group Managing Director and communicated by the Director of Corporate Social Responsibility and Quality.

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